Trevor Berry Ministries

"Making disciples of all nations.. teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you." Matthew 28:19-20

Streams Training Centre, South Africa

In 2006, Trevor and Yael were introduced to the ministry of the late John Paul Jackson when his ministry at Toronto Airport Fellowship was aired on GOD TV.

Yael, who had been an avid dreamer from the age of four, was immediately drawn to John Paul's ministry as a dream interpreter, and she began doing all the courses Streams International offered via correspondence.

In 2010, Yael was privileged to go to Dallas Texas to sit under John Paul's ministry, not knowing that God had spoken to John Paul prior to her coming, that she would be an integral part of Streams Ministries. In 2013, Trevor and Yael were asked by John Paul to run Streams Training Centre South Africa, and from then until now, Yael has built an anointed team of prophetic teachers who minister at churches and communities all over Southern Africa and help people in the art of hearing God and also in interpreting dreams.

Prior to full time ministry, Yael was trained in hotel management, and helped open and manage a 240 roomed hotel in Spain. She also had the opportunity to travel the globe as an events co-ordinator and as a Spanish/English translator until she joined her husband in the ministry. She has been involved in all spheres of ministry for more than 20 years and has shared her life story and her passion with many people, helping them discover God's love and plan for their lives.
Yael's passion is intercession, worship and the prophetic as taught in the Art of Hearing of God, as well as focusing on interpreting dreams and visions.

Many lives have been changed and blessed by the ministry of Streams South Africa.

To book for courses please send us an email on our contact page, specifying the course you are interested in.

The Art of Hearing God

Can everyone hear from God?

If everyone can hear from God, why are there so few who actually do?

The Art of Hearing God is an introductory yet profound course that will give you step-by-step instructions and practical tools to learn to hear the voice of the Lord clearly and consistently. You will gain a delineated awareness of hearing that allows you to discover how or why you sometimes miss God.

You will learn how to distinguish God’s voice from your own, recognize some seldom understood ways the enemy limits your hearing even when God is shouting your instructions, and train you to recognize hindrances that prevent you from hearing Him.

A driving focus of the course is the emphasis of character over gifting. Come and find out how your character can enhance or impede your ability to hear God. These principles show you the process of growth God uses to develop you into the type of person that will fulfil the destiny He created you for.

This course is designed to unlock your potential to be a greater asset to the church, your family, your workplace and every arena of your life.

No matter where you are in your walk with God, the Art of Hearing God is an invaluable treasure for clearly defining how God speaks, how you can recognise His voice, be led by Him, and develop greater intimacy with Him in the process.

Understanding Dreams and Visions
Does God speak through dreams? Why would He use such a mysterious form of communication?

What does that mean to you?

This course was developed by John Paul Jackson from more than 30 years of experience and study, and it has transformed many lives. Come and discover how God uses these messages from eternity to answer questions like:

  • What does God want to do in this situation in my family, my job, my church, or my nation?

  • What does God think about me?

  • Are all dreams from God?

  • Are there supernatural encounters that happen in dreams?

    The prophecy in Joel 2 reveals that God will speak through dreams. It’s assumed that we’d know it’s Him speaking, but we don’t. This course will equip you to not only hear Him speak this way but understand what He is saying. You will learn to discover the dream vocabulary God uses and how to receive and remember your dreams. You will learn the difference between a Biblical, God-inspired interpretive method and the popular secular methods that shroud the dream instead of revealing it.

    This course puts foundational interpretive tools in your hand that you can use for years to come. What if God gave you the answer to the question you have been asking last night?
    Come and find out!

Advanced Workshop In Dreams and Visions
This advanced workshop helps you to use the principles learned in the Understanding Dreams & Visions course and apply them directly in a hands-on environment.

Delve deeper into God's metaphorical language and the spiritual recognition process by interpreting dreams, visions, and other spiritual experiences—both yours and others.

Imagine someone in your family or circle of friends sharing a dream that has deeply impacted them. You will be able to clarify the dream and share with them the God-given solution to the dilemma they are facing. You will gain the skills necessary to unlock the metaphorical language of heaven for yourself and others.

You will also gain the skills needed to participate in a "dream team" interpreting dreams in many different types of environments. We will teach you how to share what God is saying through dreams to your family, friends and coworkers, and introduce them to the God who speaks.

Come and be mentored in the deep things of the Spirit and learn the ways of God!

Suggested Prerequisite: The Art of Hearing God, Understanding Dreams & Visions

Dream Labs
The setting will be informal and inviting, with teaching, dream diagramming, discussion and interpretation.
Your revelatory insight will increase as you work through unlocking the meaning of a dream with our dream interpreters.
You will gain understanding of metaphorical language and have the ability to share your dreams with others in a comfortable environment where you can learn and grow.
This is for those of you who are new to the Biblical model of dream interpretation taught by us and authored by John Paul Jackson.
So come and join us and don't forget to bring your dream journal!

Time: 18:00 - 21:00
Venue:  50 Kingfisher Drive
Please book your seat
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