Trevor Berry Ministries

"Making disciples of all nations.. teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you." Matthew 28:19-20

Ministry Training Centre

In 1998 the Lord spoke through a prophet, telling Trevor and Yael they would run a Ministry Training Centre (MTC) and in 2010, the Lord told Trevor to “teach them to observe all things that I have commanded you…”

Then, in 2013, the Lord said, “It’s time.” This is a fulfilment of that which God spoke!

MTC runs over 8 to 10 weeks per term, run throughout the year on a Wednesday night from 18:45.
Terms are set as best as possible in line with private schools in Gauteng

Proposed Curriculum

Subjects Include:

Power Principles

Understanding the Bible

Healing Belongs to You

Jesus Christ

Amazing Grace

Holy Spirit





God's Plan for Your Financial Prosperity

The Blood Covenant

Prayer that Changes the World

Radical Relationships

Why and How We Worship

Finishing Strong in the End Times

Making Ministry Manageable

……. and more

Year End Ceremony

There are two options for the course:

1. Certificate of Completion given at the end of each year to every student who completes the course, attending at least 80% of the lectures.

2. Teacher/Trainer’s Certificate given at the end of each year to every student who completes the course, as well as all homework and assignments given throughout the year. This is especially relevant for students who believe they are called to full time ministry in a church or ministry setting or for those who wish to teach within the Ministry Training Centre.